It's hard to find documentation

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Fri Dec 7 15:10:58 EST 2001

Brad Bollenbach wrote:

> Any argument that tries to make it look as though Python's
> documentation is easily searchable is -- as far as I can tell --
> wrong. All we need now is for the right person to get lazy enough to
> write a good search (either for use with the website, or -- even
> better -- at your local command prompt).

As already discussed, the website is absolutely useless.

But at the python command prompt, just type 'from pydoc import help'. 

Then type one of:
help function_name
help 'keywords'
help 'modules'
help 'topics'

or just plain help. The system is quite impressive. Also, don't 
forget the fabulous pydoc -g which runs the module doc system as a 
webserver on port 7464.

> If I wanted it badly enough, I would have done so already. :)

Ka-Ping Yee already did.



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