import path, script path (was Re: module path)

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> > I would like to store my modules and scripts in a folder other than
> > the python folder. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need
> > to do in order to be able to import the scipts in the interpreter? Is
> > there a path that the interpreter searches which I could modify?

[snipped: Alex's answer re first part of the OP's question -- path to
follow when
        import mymodule

1. I note that (for win32) since Python 2.2, <python
directory>\lib\site-packages appears as the last entry of sys.path
(and this is the default location where distutils unloads the truck
when you say >python install).

2. Can somebody please help with the OP's implicit but not quite asked
2nd part of question: How to set up the path to follow when

prompt> python

The answers are no doubt OS-specific; help for the Windows NT family
would be personally appreciated.

For example, having to do this is a pain:
prompt>python %pythonbin%\Tools\Scripts\

Cheers & TIA,

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