Client-side web scripting in Python?

Paul Rubin phr-n2001d at
Mon Dec 31 13:54:53 EST 2001

rolffreimuth at (Rolf) writes:
> Is there any way to do *pure* python client-side scripting?  Are there
> any good resources with examples of how to do it?

If you mean for publishing web pages on the internet, it doesn't sound
like such a great idea.  I've stopped paying attention to Windoze but
I believe there's a Python version (ActiveState?) that's callable as a
COM object.  So you'd have to download the huge interpreter to the
client, and then you could call it from Javascript.  You should be
able to pass it the document object as an argument.  From there, the
python script can use the regular COM automation methods to navigate
inside the document object, or it can call javascript code to
manipulate the document.  I've forgotten most of this stuff but
basically once you get hold of the IWebBrowser2 interface you can
make the browser do most anything you want.

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