Newbie : Installing Python locally in acct on shared server

brian donovan usenet at
Mon Dec 3 02:50:05 CET 2001

Chris Thanks !

	Please scratch my other reply to your post.  I'd forgotten to clear my 
browser cache before checking out the base64 script with the text/plain 
header added.  Once I did so, I got the expected output.  I've also 
tried some other examples and they're all working now.

I'm very grateful for your help and the time that you spent to get me up 
and running. It really means a lot.

Thanks again !

Chris Gonnerman wrote:

> Ahh... I just realized you aren't giving the web server 
> the correct headers.  Try this:
> --------------------------------------------
> #!/home/luser/bin/python
> import sys
> print "Content-type: text/plain\n"
> print "path has", len(sys.path), "members"
> --------------------------------------------
> and let me know what happens...

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