Tkinter vs wxPython? Opinions/Experiences

Gillou nospam at
Mon Dec 10 11:28:59 EST 2001

wxWindows offers a great collection of high level widgets and will be
available for Mac OSX in few.
But people from wxWindows sometimes change some API (I can't play Boa
constructor with the latest wxWindows and I needed to change some stuffs in
one of my apps).
On the other hand, Tkinter is "poor" (but there are additional widgets
available, browse in, but its API is easier for newcomers.



"Dan Howard" <dhhnews0 at> a écrit dans le message news:
MoKQ7.22480$2Fd.849 at
> I'm a newbie at Python and about to create my first set of GUI
> I would like to run them on Windows and Linux ( and possibly MAC).
> I'm trying now to decide whether to use Tkinter or wxPthyon.
> Would appleciate views, opinions and experiences...
> Thanks - Dan

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