Was that to inpolite? Re: Call for a small program

Terry Reedy tjreedy at home.com
Sat Dec 29 22:20:37 CET 2001

"Tom Karas" <Tom.Karas at htp-tel.de> wrote in message
news:3C2E0D55.9EC9B67F at htp-tel.de...
> Hello out there.
> A few quick questions:
> Was my "Call" to inpolite?

Sorry, don't remember rest of title or what it was about.

> Was it the wrong place / newsgroup  to ask?
> I just wonder, because there wasn´t even a reaction like "Go away"
> "Plonk / Killfile"

We are mostly too polite to say such things unless a person is really
obnoxious, which you definitely do not seem to be as evidenced by this

At any one time, there is only a limited mindspace available for
actively discussed threads.  Sometimes deserving topics slip in
between.  Sometimes I see a post that 'calls' for a response, but I do
not know what to say, or assume that someone else will (or maybe has
already) answer.

> This may sound odd, but i would be even willing to pay for a
solution that would
> fit the basic needs (running on windows and linux and some features)

Willingness to pay is 'odd' only in that it tends to be unusual.  Did
you mention this originally?

Terry J. Reedy

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