Distant learning Python classes?

David Lees debl2nonoabolutelynospam at bellatlantic.net
Thu Dec 6 05:52:43 CET 2001

You might look at a link off the python.org home page:


Phredd Phlintstone wrote:
> I am new...not only new to Python, but new to computer programming.
> I'm eager to learn but am looking for a bit more structure than just
> reading a book and 'jumping in.'  I am reading a book, and it's making
> sense even...
> Any online 'distant learning' classes in Python?  I've found a few on
> different languages (free even) at:  http://www.free-ed.net/catalog/
> but as you see, no Python is offered.  Perl, but no Python.
> If you know of any online learning classes, please post the addresses
> in the group.  Thanks.
> Please post any responses to this to this newsgroup.

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