Python Popularity: Questions and Comments

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Dec 30 04:06:05 CET 2001

"Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr." wrote:
> I'd like to say that it almost seems like Python
> is not that far away from allowing as a language feature:
> from import *
> or
> from import graphics
> where "" is some internet node.

The idea is sound, but for now I think really practical
only on a company intranet.  Internet connectivity is
still too unreliable to make this very effective
except for strictly Internet-related applications
(i.e. those which have no intrinsic purpose when an 
Internet connection is not available.)

That said, I suppose a little local caching would provide 
a reliable backup after the first invocation had succeeded.

And none of this would be in any way difficult to implement
even now, since you can just substitute your own implementation
of __import__().

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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