MimeWriter and smtplib: long list of 'To:' recipients

Gillou nospam at bigfoot.com
Mon Dec 24 16:44:40 CET 2001

But I ran that script with a server.set_debuglevel(1) to see the running
protocol. The server did not reply anything silly.
The smptlib did not raise any exception during that process.
I can send mail to lots of "To:" recipients with my usual mail clients
(Outlook express and StarOffice mail) with the same SMTP server.
The only difference is that the long header lines like "To" are splitted by
the clients (con't lines of each header beginning with some spaces) when the
MimeWriter.addheader(...) puts all in one long line.

Cheers and Happy Christmas.


"Boris Borcic" <borcis at geneva-link.ch> a écrit dans le message news:
3C24F71F.FC44FBAE at geneva-link.ch...
> Gillou wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > My application sends mail to a list of 'To' recipients but there are
> > problems when the list is long.
> Are you sure the SMTP server doesn't put an upper bound on the
> number of recipients ?
> BB

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