Newbie : Installing Python locally in acct on shared server

brian donovan usenet at
Sun Dec 2 20:39:51 EST 2001

Thanks for the reminder about the headers.

After telling the scripts to print headers, the one that uses sys now 
works, printing "path has 6 members", but the base64 one still craps out.

Each time that I attempt to access the page, 3 lines are added to my 
Error log :

[Sun Dec  2 20:15:21 2001] [error] [client] Premature end 
of script headers: /home/luser/public_html/test/cgi-bin/
   File "/home/luser/public_html/test/cgi-bin/", line 6, in ?
   File "/home/luser/public_html/test/cgi-bin/", line 3, in ?

  The script is :



import base64

message = "life of brian"
data = base64.encodestring(message)

original_data = base64.decodestring(data)

print "Content-type: text/plain\n"

print "original : ", repr(message)
print "encoded data : ", repr(data)
print "decoded data : ", repr(original_data)


Except for the addition of the print statement for the headers, this 
script, like the original sys script, was sopied verbatim from a python 

Is it a problem with the script?

I'm going to try more examples and see what happens.


Chris Gonnerman wrote:

> Ahh... I just realized you aren't giving the web server 
> the correct headers.  Try this:
> --------------------------------------------
> #!/home/luser/bin/python
> import sys
> print "Content-type: text/plain\n"
> print "path has", len(sys.path), "members"
> --------------------------------------------
> and let me know what happens...

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