Problems with tkinter in python 2.2

Georg Lohrer GeorgLohrer at
Thu Dec 27 11:23:52 CET 2001

On 26 Dec 2001 10:56:09 -0800, kmilo0 at (Kmilo) wrote:


>Somebody know what i have to do for run,

I got this error as I've built Python from source and forgotten to
uncomment the lines below (already uncommented in this sample):

# The _tkinter module.
# The command for _tkinter is long and site specific.  Please
# uncomment and/or edit those parts as indicated.  If you don't have a
# specific extension (e.g. Tix or BLT), leave the corresponding line
# commented out.  (Leave the trailing backslashes in!  If you
# experience strange errors, you may want to join all uncommented
# lines and remove the backslashes -- the backslash interpretation is
# done by the shell's "read" command and it may not be implemented on
# every system.

# *** Always uncomment this (leave the leading underscore in!):
_tkinter _tkinter.c tkappinit.c -DWITH_APPINIT \
# *** Uncomment and edit to reflect where your Tcl/Tk libraries are:
-L/usr/lib \
# *** Uncomment and edit to reflect where your Tcl/Tk headers are:
-I/usr/include \
# *** Uncomment and edit to reflect where your X11 header files are:
-I/usr/X11R6/include \


So, your rpm's seems to have been built without tkinter support. There
might be probably another rpm with activated tkinter.

Another fault could be, that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not point to
all necessary lib-paths or PYTHONPATH was not set accordingly.

Ciao, Georg

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