[Visualpython-users] New Windows VPython

Arthur Siegel ajs at ix.netcom.com
Tue Dec 25 03:14:10 CET 2001

> You've jumped the gun, but your input is useful nevertheless.

I'm not sure how.  I am reading your message to say that the copy 
of Numeric that is downloaded with VPython has been patched. 
And since I am directing users of PyGeo to VPython, I am directing 
them to a forked version of Numeric. Which is somehow horrid to me. 

What am I missing.

As to the rest -  I should probably keep my peace.  

I've pissed off enough people and caused myself enough
grief in the course of it.  

But is all quite, quite incredible to me.

I think the importance you attach to this issue is monumentally
overstated, and overwhelmingly condescending.

Now you are further saying that your students can't even be 
trusted to be able to handle the from __future__ statement 
all my their little bitty selves.

Suffice it to say that am I sure the hell glad I'm not in 
school anymore.


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