Deprecate tabs for indenting (was Re: Indenting with tabs vs spaces)

Dave Cinege dcinege at
Sun Dec 2 21:24:05 EST 2001

On Sunday 02 December 2001 21:13, Jeff Hinrichs wrote:
> my 0.02$US:
> Actually, spaces are the problems not tabs.  A tab is a tab, where is
> indenting by spaces....hmm.
> let's see, I like 4 spaces, he like 8 and she likes 6 and so on.  That
> causes more grief than tabs.
> Where as tabs, 1 tab = 1st level block, 2 tabs = 2nd level block and so on.
> Maybe if people didn't use such brain dead editors that actually replaced
> tabs with spaces this would be a complete non-issue.  You should be able to
> configure your editor to display tabs in a width that is to your liking
> WITHOUT mucking with the data.  As it is, we are doomed to listen to this
> argument go on ad nauseum.

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