It's hard to find documentation

Brad Bollenbach bbollenbach at
Sat Dec 8 20:14:26 EST 2001

In article <mailman.1007846893.21886.python-list at>, Bruce Eckel wrote:
> So let's try to find "Extending and Embedding the Python
> Interpreter". Using 'search,' using 'advanced search,' nothing
> comes up with that title. Maybe it doesn't exist. Who knows. I have
> this struggle a lot when hunting for python information.

So do I, except when using the WinHelp version of the documentation
with ActivePython on Windows systems. Even /then/, the links from the
index usually don't take you right to the function documentation.
Additional scrolling (augh) is usually required. More commonly, I'm in a
non-Windows environment though, so I don't have access to said
documentation anyway.

Any argument that tries to make it look as though Python's documentation
is easily searchable is -- as far as I can tell -- wrong. All we need
now is for the right person to get lazy enough to write a good search
(either for use with the website, or -- even better -- at your local
command prompt).

If I wanted it badly enough, I would have done so already. :)

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