inproc server with gordon mcmillan's installer

Craig Morris craig at
Sun Dec 23 19:11:36 CET 2001

> You shouldn't have to do anything special. If your class's _reg_clsctx_
> the CLSCTX_INPROC bit flag on, you'll get a dll and a little extra
> registration logic. It's the _reg_clsctx_ flag that drives this - you
> have to use any command line options or anything else.

I had that right, but the problem turned out to be that I had set a
different names for the root name for the dll and the exe.  This had come
about because I did not want the name prepended by drive, but if changed the
name of the dll I would get an error when my VB script tried to create my
object, even for local server.  Changing the name of just the exe worked
fine for the local server version though and I then forgot they were
different when I build the inproc version.

So I guess I have another silly question, what is the correct way to change
the exe and dll names so that they don't have the drive prefix?

BTW as long as I have your ear (eyes), I want to thank you for all the
excellent work you have contributed.  Your python C++ API has been a great
help to me. :-)

Craig Morris
Fernie, BC, Canada

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