gadfly and autonumber/auto_increment/guid?

Steve Holden sholden at
Thu Dec 6 16:53:56 EST 2001

"Lutz Schroeer" <Lutz.Schroeer at> wrote ...
> Hi,
> i've searched through the Net for hours now and couldn't find any hint:
> How do I create an autonumber/auto_increment/guid or the like in a table
> using the gadfly DB?
> Please help, I really don't want to switch to M$ Access and VB :-))
Gadfly doesn't support such refinements. You could, however, use the GUID
creation routine in the Win32 extensions if you have them loaded. You need
to do:

>>> import pythoncom
>>> s = str(pythoncom.CreateGuid())
>>> print s

Hope this helps.


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