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Tue Dec 11 23:09:01 CET 2001

cmkl wrote:

> Manoj Plakal <plakal at> wrote in message news:<3C1531D9.1010507 at>...
>>            Being able to have an interactive shell inside arbitrary
>>            points in a program is cool for debugging. BTW, this
>>            functionality is provided by the "Interactive Debug Probe"
>>            in Wing IDE ( You can stop the program
>>            at any point and then launch a shell in the context of the
>>            stack frame where you stopped.
> Unfortunately WingIde is not available on HPUX. Does the 
> "Ability to debug applications running on a remote host" help there?
> I guess not.

          The remote debugging might help. What you need to do
          is copy a small stub program to the remote machine.
          The stub talks to the IDE (running on the local machine,
          which is either Linux or Windows) through XML-RPC.

          The stub is in pure Python so you can run it
          on HPUX if you have Python available there.

          Though this is kinda slow and I wouldn't recommend
          it if the HPUX box is your main development
          machine. This was intended to debug stuff running
          on a remote deployment machine.


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