Printing from Windows

David Brown dav-nospam-id at
Wed Dec 5 09:39:32 EST 2001

Andreas Ulbrich wrote in message <3C0E1CF0.4070401 at>...
>>>I personally prefer PyQt for this purpose. Of course, just like gtk+ its
>>>not part of the standard Python distribution. Using Qt seems somewhat
>>>more sane to me. But well that's pretty much a matter of taste :-)
>> But Qt has the license disadvantage on windows platform.
>> markus
>Maybe, but AFAIK. PyQT does freely (beer) include Qt.

The licence disadvantage is that while Qt is free on Linux (AFAIK), it is
only free on Windows if the program using it is open source.  If you want to
sell a closed-source program under Windows using Qt, you have to pay for it.
While that is a perfectly good and fair model, the prices involved are
extremly high and would put it out of our reach.  I prefer to mix open
source and closed source - there are times when different licences suit
better.  For example, I'm writing a program that uses Tkinter for the GUI
and uses a serial library for communications.  The changes I will be making
to the serial library will be open for everyones benifit (assuming, of
course, that I get the think working :-), while the main part of the program
will be proprietry.  PyQT will let me do that, but at a hefty cost which is
outside my budget.

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