strict python?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Wed Dec 5 20:50:27 EST 2001

Erik Max Francis wrote:

> Fernando Pérez wrote:
>> I honestly don't see any reason for something like that not to be
>> included in python (other than perhaps 'if perl has it it can't be
>> good' :)
> Agreed.  For the record, I wasn't suggesting something mandatory. 

Certainly not. In perl, it's the -w switch, in gcc the -W family 
(with -Wall the max). And that's as it should be, an option (sort of 
a builtin pychecker).

While on the topic of pychecker, I've been a bit disappointed. Not 
meaning to demerit the developers, I'm sure it's been a ton of hard 
work, but when I've used it I tend to get way too many spurious 
warnings and very little substance. Well, maybe I just don't know how 
to use it well, I really haven't looked at it in detail.



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