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Sat Dec 29 23:11:23 CET 2001

"A. Keyton Weissinger" <keyton at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1009576773.10059.python-list at>...
> I have had similar experiences trying to get my head around Zope. I write
> J2EE applications with a group of folks. I was expecting a Pet Shop or at
> least an EJB-like spec of the lay of the land.
> If someone asked me -- someone who considers himself a huge Pythonista --
> what Zope was all about, I'd have to say I didn't have a real clue.
> Now, it just so happens that I also write on the side for O'Reilly and
> others. If any of you guys at DC want to email me back, I would be happy to
> help spread the gospel according to Zope/Python. But it needs to have
> serious facts (comparisons between similar setups for J2EE/M$), more serious
> specifications (an EJB-like container approach based in Python, for example,
> would be huge -- difficult certainly, but huge), and even more serious
> examples. I agree with Bill. I want to see the full thing broken into
> pieces.
> Keyton

Keyton, you raise a very good point.  Right now, I CAN'T help even if
I wanted to.  I can guarantee you that the message that I would be
communicating about zope would be greatly different from that espoused
on  The kind of things you mention (comparisons with J2EE
and MS alternatives) are precisely the kind of facts I would want
plastered right where everyone can see them.  Making a business case
for Zope in clear, unambiguous quantitative terms that technical and
non-technical people understand and want to know.

I understand the "zen" thing, but it's not something that business
people are going to care about when they making a decision about
whether to use it or not.

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