age of new pythonistas [was: The Editor Poll results are in!]

Stephen Ferg steve at
Fri Dec 14 16:14:25 CET 2001

My age at the time that I discovered Python (about a year ago):

My  pre-Python programming experience: PL/I, Cobol, Visual Basic,
PowerBuilder, and REXX.  IBM MVS, DOS, Windows, no Unix.

It looks like many new Pythonistas are older, rather than younger. 
When you are younger, your whole universe consists of the language
that you learned first -- it takes a while to learn that the universe
contains many, many languages to choose from.  Then, when you realize
you have a choice, it takes a while to find Python in the welter of
alternatives.  And finally, it is only after you have been around a
while, and seen the alternatives, that you can really appreciate how
much better Python is than any of the alternatives.

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