Lists of attributes

Brian Quinlan brian at
Fri Dec 7 03:46:40 CET 2001

Bruce wrote:
> Right, missed that. Now it's even cleaner:
> import random
> rgen = random.Random()
> flwrs = [Gladiolus(),Runuculus(),Chrysanthemum()]
> flowers = [rgen.choice(flwrs) for i in range(10)]
> This produces a random selection of references to only three
> objects.

I'm happy that you like the pattern, though your application seems a bit odd

> I'd still like to not have to explicity enumerate flwrs. I may play
> with Tim's suggestion:
>     class Flower(object):
> 	...
> and
>     Flower.__subclasses__()
> Except that I haven't been able to locate any actual information on
> how to get '__subclasses__()' to work.

__subclasses__ was added very recently (8 weeks, 3 days to be exact) so it
might not be in your Python build (when you start Python, it reports its
build date so you can check).


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