Mild bug: pipermail/python-dev

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Thu Dec 27 22:35:16 EST 2001

>>>>> "SM" == Skip Montanaro <skip at> writes:

    SM> This is a known problem.  I believe Pipermail uses the
    SM> timestamp in the Date: header, which is generated by the
    SM> sender.  If their clock is off (as /F's apparently was when he
    SM> sent the message in question), you get a bogus entry in the
    SM> archive.  I believe the solution would be to use the timestamp
    SM> in the Date: field unless it appears to be too far in the
    SM> future or the past (probably using different thresholds for
    SM> future and past), in which case it should either use the the
    SM> timestamp in the From_ field or the current time.

Exactly.  I have some experimental code in Mailman 2.1 which should be
able to retroactively fix such problems in an mbox archive file, along
with problems with unquoted From_ lines.  The downside: it requires
regenerating the entire archive, and it messes up existing urls to
articles.  Upside: it should assign more permanent urls to articles,
based on Message-IDs.


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