A modest indentation proposal

Kragen Sitaker kragen at pobox.com
Sat Dec 1 06:45:33 EST 2001

<brueckd at tbye.com> writes:
> By their reasoning we should not use computers at all since it is possible
> for them to lose power. We should not go to the store because it is
> possible to get into an accident on the way. We should not breathe because
> it is possible that the air is contaminated. These are all possible but
> improbable events. 

Be aware that he works for NASA.  Most NASA missions (except for
expensive publicity stunts) do not, in fact, have anyone breathing on
them, because it is possible the air is contaminated.  Or missing.
And many NASA missions use computers that are decades out of date
because they are more radiation-tolerant and therefore less likely to

NASA's incentive structure also includes disproportionate punishments
for doing the wrong thing.

> In this specific case there is a nearly infinite list of more
> probable sources of problems; your friends are concerned with the
> wrong end of the list. :)

I'm interested to hear what you find to be common causes of problems
when you're programming in Python.

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