webmin modules in python?

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Tue Dec 18 08:27:44 EST 2001

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> > I webmin docs really lean towards perl, hs anyone written one in 
> > 
> > -bruce.
> Bruce....  Sorry, but this doesn't seem to make too much sense...
> Probably because I've never heard of Webmin, nor do I program in 
> Could you elaborate a little bit more, and then maybe we can help...
>          - Benjamin

Another Bruce here...Webmin is a delightful little web based system 
admin tool. Think of it as something like Zope, except geared for 
system administration. It's primarily written in Perl, it contains 
its own builtin webserver, and it uses various modules (just like 
Zope products), most all written in Perl, some in Java, to control 
various parts of the server, such as DNS, mail services, Apache, a 
Java based file manager applet, etc.

Visit http://www.webmin.com for some screenshots and more details.

As far as Bruce1's query goes, I haven't really looked for Python 
stuff for it, and I think it's done almost entirely in Perl. But if 
the module development documentation is complete enough, and they've 
developed Webmin properly, it might only be as difficult as adding it 
like a CGI script. I wouldn't make any bets on that, however.

Maybe when Parrot's ready for release it'll be loads simpler...

An alternate tack may be to try loading Webmin's Perl modules into 
Zope as external methods, and using Zope as your Webmin engine...

Yet Another Bruce

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