Is it possible to kill a thread ?

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Thu Dec 6 20:18:40 EST 2001

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> The problem with this is that one often creates a thread so
> that it can do some possibly blocking operation without
> stopping the rest of the program.  If the thread is blocked, it
> can't check the event.  If the thread isn't going to block,
> then why create a thread?  [Yes, there are other reasons for
> splitting something into a thread, but in many cases I create a
> thread specifically because it's goign to block.]

exactly. It seems calling os._exit(1) kills everything
under linux and windows include everything. :)

Don't know how to kill one thread only.
I use it when my threads are doing blocked socket operation.
We can not tell a blocked socket that 'I want stop'. So
there are situation where kill thread is needed.

But I cannot catch the KeyboardInterrupt from my main
thread under windows, so have to loop over a raw_input
to get exit order.

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