request: more samples for Pymacs, please

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Dec 17 15:44:41 EST 2001

[Syver Enstad]

> I am using win2k and python2.1, GNU Emacs and pymacs works great.

Thanks for telling.  Are you using Windows-NT?  I was not expecting Pymacs
to work on Windows-9x, as so far that I know, there are now sub-processes
there.  About Windows-2000 or -XP, I just do not know.  I would adjust
the documentation to (very briefly) report success stories!

> It would be nice with some more samples on how to do things though.

Yes, this aspect surely could be improved.  Do you feel like contributing
some code for examples?  I do use Pymacs for myself, of course, but I do
not see what I could easily borrow from my own code into the documentation,
as my applications are not simple and not very suited for mere illustration.

> I had to do some tweaks to the installation of pymacs to get it to
> run on a win2k box, but nothing intrusive.

Once again, I could reflect your suggestions, at least in the documentation.
And thanks for your interest in Pymacs.

François Pinard

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