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> NNTP is an internet protocol like SMTP, POP3 and HTTP for communication.
> Also, it is the oldest one and it used to be the most instructive before AOL
> hit the scene along with the 'gold rush' :)
Old enough to include transfer of messages on reels of magnetic tape
aboard ships to get them to, eg, Australia and back.

> Ask your ISP if they offer NNTP support through their own server.
"Own server" seems a little strong these days.  ISPs are increasingly
outsourcing the news server operation.  I know my life became MUCH
simpler--and our range of news groups much larger--after we outsourced. 
Even given the provider changes which have happened since, the network
issues, etc.

Not only is NNTP quite old...the server implementations tend to be
rather cantankerous.

Now, if your ISP offers shell access (we stopped doing that in 1994),
there's more advantage to "own server."


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