Unsung Python modules

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at mems-exchange.org
Fri Dec 14 11:31:56 EST 2001

There are some Python modules that deserve to be more widely known
outside of the Python community, because they're such handy
timesavers.  My list of modules that don't get enough publicity would

* The Python Imaging Library, which reads and writes a large number of
  different image formats and can perform a number of different
  operations on images.  I find it indispensible for writing little
  utility scripts that resize all the images in a directory or
  generate an HTML image gallery.

* Reportlab, for generating PDF files: I can't believe that people
  would wrestle C code for pdflib when they could just write Python

* PyQt/PyKDE, which doesn't seem to get much respect in the KDE
  community.  (Maybe my perception is wrong?)

* Perhaps also the ZODB, as it's just so neat and convenient to use, 
  but it's also quite Python-specific.  

What's your favorite unsung module?

--amk                                                  (www.amk.ca)
Oh, those are my subconscious thoughts. I shouldn't listen to them too
hard if I were you; I'm not all that proud of some of them.
    -- The Doctor, in "The Time Monster"

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