PythonWare: Anyone using for real projects?

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Tue Dec 18 12:48:06 CET 2001

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> Besides the pythonworks team, of course...
(Somebody even answered to your post after reading this comment of yours.)

> I read this review:
> and have stayed away. 

First: The reviewer makes the mistake to equal "proprietory"
software with "commercial" software. In fact Free Software can be
commercial. In quality and in that professionals develop, 
maintain and support it for money.

Having said that you can understand my following statement:

I did not touch pythonworks yet and I know a lot of people who won't,
because it is not Free Software. I prefer commercial Free Software
to keep my independence from a vendor.

I am happy to pay a reasonable amount to a Free Software project,
but I cannot pay for the proprietory development of pythonworks.

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