[ANNOUNCE] timeoutsocket.py version 1.21

Martin Armstrong martin at tactilis.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 15:04:27 EST 2001

In article <mailman.1007581322.4722.clpa-moderators at python.org>, Timothy 
O'Malley <timo at alum.mit.edu> writes

>I've updated timeoutsocket.py to version 1.21.

>       http://www.timo-tasi.org/python/timeoutsocket.py
>This module enables a timeout mechanism on all TCP connections.  It
>does this by inserting a shim into the socket module.  After this module
>has been imported, all socket creation goes through this shim.  As a
>result, every TCP connection will support a timeout.
>The beauty of this method is that it immediately and transparently
>enables the entire python library to support timeouts on TCP sockets.

Is there any reason that this has not been included in the standard 

Martin Armstrong                        <mailto:martin at tactilis.co.uk>

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