ftp upload with urllib or ftplib?

Samuel Siren samuel.siren at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Dec 9 06:13:14 CET 2001

This is my first posting to c.l.p.

It it possible to _upload_ a file using urllib? E.g. to post
the file contents, the username, and the password in the 'data',
or something?

Downloading an URL is done this way:

    contents = urllib.urlopen("http://x.com/f.html").read()

So, can I _upload_ (i.e. write) a file, using ftp, with
something like e.g.:

    status = urllib.urlopen("ftp://x.com/f.txt", [

Or, do I need to use the "ftplib" module to _upload_ a file? In
that case, are there any good exemples on how to do that? I
looked at the ftplib documentation on the web page


but I didn't quite understand how to upload a file. (I'm no FTP
expert, BTW, my FTP experience is limited do uploading and
downloading files to my personal web page using FTP Voyager ...)

/Samuel Sirén, Stockholm, Sweden - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /

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