variable scoping across imports?

Arthur Siegel ajs at
Sun Dec 2 11:24:00 EST 2001

Arthur Siegel wrote:
> > I don't think things work this way, actually
> Fredick Lundh -
> >assuming Hans meant to write "reference to" instead
> >of "copy of", it does work that way.
> Ahem.

 Fredick Lundh (copy/paste is safest to get it correct)  writes -

>apart from showing that you cannot be bothered to
>spell my name correctly, what's your point?

Just a quip - though your reaction doesn't shock me. 

'Reference to/copy of' confusion of the novice
being an issue I happen be to trying to get on some
agenda.  If you were already aware of the extent of it, 
or the issues of novice confusion is not high on your 
radar, I apologize for wasting bandwidth.

Though someone suggested in that thread that a 
particular document of yours, moved into the 
tutorial level documentation, might contribute to a fix.  
I know you didn't respond publicly. but I would 
assume you would have no objection.

>exercise: explain why Hans' statement is correct even
>if you interpret "copy of" as "copy of" (hint: define "x")

Clueless what you are getting at.

When I become convinced that I have nothing to
contribute to python.list discussions, I will go 
away.  I am not there yet.

But if you have an interest in contributing to that end,
help me understand why  this reference/copy confusion 
should *not*, at this time, be near the top on an 
agenda for anyone interested in Python as a learning language.

Embarrass me.


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