Compiling Python with Tkinter

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Mon Dec 17 10:40:36 CET 2001

Ben Ocean <zope at> writes:

> I do not have headers. I presume I could, and should, build the X
> libraries.

Not at all. You already have X libraries installed, so you should get
the corresponding header files.

> >Since you still did not mention what system you are using, it is hard
> >to suggest a procedure for installing the headers.
> Sorry. RH71.

Ok. 'rpm -i XFree86-devel-<version>.<arch>.rpm' should give you the
header files; fill in version and arch as appropriate.

> I don't use a GUI on my Linux box: I prefer the command line. I do serve 
> Web pages. I don't even know what X11 is used for so I don't guess I 
> develop any apps for it.

Then you can't use Tkinter, either - it requires an X server for use
on Linux.

>  > What do you want Tkinter for if you don't use X Windows?
> I'm building PIL into my python to use the libraries. 

That doesn't really answer the question: if you don't have X, you
don't need Tkinter, either - not even if you use PIL.


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