Python - string to hexbytes conversion - HELP!

Emile van Sebille emile at
Wed Dec 5 18:10:21 EST 2001

Here's one way:

import string
s = '0'[:len(a)%2]+a
''.join([chr(string.atoi(s[x:x+2],16)) for x in range(0,len(s),2)])



Emile van Sebille
emile at

"me" <dhhnews0 at> wrote in message
news:HKvP7.17239$2Fd.11985 at
> I'm a newbie to Python and I am trying
> to convert a string of decimal numbers - read from raw_input
> to a series of hexbytes
> eg
> if I do a read and get a='1234567'
> I need  an equivalent string to be
> b=Chr(0x01)+chr(0x23)+chr(x045)+chr(0x67)
> all this is to control a device from the serial port
> but I cannot seem to recall how to conver the input to my required output
> An hints or suggestion most appreciated! I've spend hours trying various
> built in's
> which I would prefer to use

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