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Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Sun Dec 30 01:33:37 CET 2001

You know its funny, but I was thinking about something very similar to what you
propose. Would it be possible to create a module that could be plugged into a
Python program, that would automatically, when called,  go to a specific web site
containing a Python interpreter and run the original Python program remotely, give
the results track over the web (from the "one master Python server web site)  and
thus, one could always run Python applets by embedding them into any HTML page.
The embedded Python applet could call out to the One Master Python Server, that it
knows is always available. This would give Python the exact same capabilities as
JavaScript for universal client side scripting WHETHER or not Python was installed
on the machine, PLUS the same capabilities as Java applets embedded into HTML web

Someone would need to maintain One True Master Python Server web site, but that
shouldn't be too hard.

Add this to what you propose below, Dr. Ritchie, and what a powerful combination.
I wonder if it is possible? We may be on shakey ground alright, but I seem to
recall that Moses got some big info from such shakey, fiery ground that contained
a certain bush. Maybe such a program and server could be called The Fiery Bush

"Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr." wrote:

> "Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr." wrote:
> > ...I am probably on shaky
> > ground here due to ignorance...
> At least on topic in regard to the above anyway ;-} and somewhat
> on the topic of what doex language X have that makes it more attractive (or
> less attractive) than Python, I'd like to say that it almost seems like Python
> is not that far away from allowing as a language feature:
> from import *
> or
> from import graphics
> where "" is some internet node.
> It would seem that such a feature would embrace and
> include as part of Python the Java capability of
> incorporating classes over the net and up the ante on
> the .net initiative (remember what I said
> about ignorance here).
> Wouldn't this go some way towards solving the problem of
> encouraging more module sharing a la Perl's CPAN but in a
> Python-esque way...?
> --
> Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr.
> djrassoc01 at

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