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Mon Dec 31 12:38:27 CET 2001

Hi Jeffrey,

Be carefull not to read too much in what I said, which, despite the
length of the post, was very little.

Jeffrey Drake wrote:
> I believe your statistic draw the wrong conclusion as well.

I had 4 general conclusions:

1. Python is the smallest of the 6 languages discussed here.
2. Python is currently growing slower than PHP and Java, but faster 
   than C and Perl.
   - Python has only been gaining on Perl for the last 6 months
   - the difference in growth w.r.t PHP and Java may be getting smaller
3. Java is more cross-platform than Python. Perl, C, C++ are less.
4. There is no clear evidence for Python's ease of development.

I admitted in a previous post that 4 was very carelessly worded. From
your post however, it's difficult to see which of these conclusions you
think is wrong.

> From what I saw you don't make any notice to what the languages are
> commonly used for.

Nope, I haven't said anything about this. Which makes it difficult to be
wrong about it (even though 99% of what I don't say is nonsense)

> (this list maybe wrong, or a little off)
> PHP is primarily a web language.
> Java is primarily used for user interfaces on websites and gui.
> Perl is both web language and console, but usually not gui interface.
> C++ and C are completely general in their scope, however usually
>         aren't used for web
> Python is also quite general, save the purpose of including it in
>         other programs (like inside C/C++ programs)
> As said before Ruby is growing popularity, I believe it is also
> general.
> Lua isn't mentioned either, its purpose is almost exclusively for
>         inclusion in programs

Well, I didn't mention a lot of languages, many of which have far more
sourceforge projects than Ruby

Lua isn't mentioned on sourceforge at all.

For a list of languages see:

> If your statistics were based on types of usage, they may mean more

Definitely. Unfortunately it is somewhat difficult to get an indication
of project type from the summary given in the sourceforge trove. Not
impossible by any means, just more work than I cared to put into this.

> Regards,
> Jeffrey Drake


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"Half of what I say is nonsense. Unfortunately I don't know which half"

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