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Tue Dec 4 21:05:32 EST 2001

"Why don't you guys go do some coding!"
       Fredrik Lundh,  python-list, Dec 2, 2001
      (quote :approximate, spelling: exact)

And so I have.


(check out the animation on the "links" page)

PyGeo is a selected site at the Math Forum

>From the PyGeo readme:

PyGeo is a 3d Dynamic Geometry toolset, written in Python,
with dependencies on Python's Numeric and VPython extensions.

It defines a set of geometric primitives in 3d space and allows 
for the construction of geometric models that can be interactively
manipulated, with defined geometric relationships remaining invariant.

It was created for, and is therefore particularly suitable for,
the visualization of concepts of Projective Geometry.

But it can used in more basic ways to create simple constructions
illustrating Euclidian principles.

And to create colorful designs from geometric ideas.

Fun (for all ages) as well as educational for both the
mathematically and *artistically* inclined.

It is also, hopefully:

 A take apart toy for folks trying to learn programming

 A dig at the "Old Dog,New Tricks" adage - having been created
 by a middle-ager without significant prior programming background.
 (It  took work, it took time)

 A work-in-process.

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