REPOST: Re: The Python community needs a lighter heart to it.

Josh Yotty joshyotty at
Thu Dec 27 05:27:22 CET 2001

pythonnet at (Andrew Nguyen) wrote in message news:<40dbad98.0112261431.3e928cf2 at>...
> The python community is a bunch of people who can't take a joke. (Or
> at least make one:)) 

You have got to be a) kidding b) lying or c) dense. Or maybe the humor
doesn't make sense to you because you've never seen Monty Python
before (Nudge, nudge).

...wake up and smell the dead parrot.

> Also, usenet SUXXOR (sucks) because itttt issss
> soooo cunfuseeeng...

Ack! Moronic l337 5P34K! Do not poison my eyes! Shoo! Go play with
QBasic!'s not that hard to use Usenet.

> I bet you, that if we put a link on the python homepage with a link to
> an EZBoard, python would be Much more popular.

How does a $100 dollar bet sound? Seriously, though, Python is
'popular' right now. Imagine if the uninspired non-hacker programmers
came and poisoned Python forever.

...the thought makes me want to vomit.

> The most exciting topic
> I have seen to date is 'Fun with Classess in Python 2.2'.

Well, the newsgroup appears to have been more fun a couple years back.

--Josh Yotty

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