age of new pythonistas (fwd)

Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters mertz at
Sat Dec 22 01:53:27 CET 2001

Me wrote:
> Guessing the MA came right after a college degree, he was probably around 23
> in 1977.

"Tim Peters" < at> wrote:
|Stuff and nonsense.  I know for a fact that Guido recently had his first child.
|Given the notorious and shameful lack of self-restraint among the Dutch, *I*
|figure that proves he was about 13 years old approximately 10 months ago.

Well... sure.  But I only suggested how old he was in 1977.  I didn't
say anything about how old he was 10 months ago.

Time-machines-are-tricky-ly yours, Lulu...

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