C++ throw causes abort in extension? Solved!

Robert Nikander nikander at mindspring.nospamcom
Tue Dec 25 12:43:44 EST 2001

Chris Tavares" <christophertavares at earthlink.net> wrote:
> In the Windows world, the solution is to compile main with a C++
> compiler, not a C compiler. No clue what to do under GCC/Linux, though.

And Guido Goldstein wrote:
> With the Python-2.2 comes a switch for configure which is named:
>  --with-cxx=<compiler>

Thanks guys, this advice has helped.  The problem is completely solved!
It turns out that the --with-cxx=g++ option doesn't do the right thing.
It compiles the interpreter source file with g++ but _links_ the program
using "gcc."  I edited the makefile to link using g++ and now exceptions
work in my extension modules. 


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