ANN: Pyro 2.2 is available

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Dec 3 11:03:17 EST 2001

In article <mailman.1007313122.3984.clpa-moderators at>, Irmen
de Jong <usenet at> writes
>You can get the latest Pyro version (2.2) at
>What is Pyro?
>Pyro is an acronym for PYthon Remote Objects. It is a basic Distributed
> Object Technology system written entirely in Python.
>It is extremely easy to implement a distributed system with Pyro, because
>all network communication code is abstracted and hidden from
>your application. You just get a remote Python object and invoke methods
>on the object on the other machine.
>Pyro offers you a Name Server, an Event Service, mobile objects, remote
>exceptions, dynamic proxies, remote attribute access, automatic
>reconnection, a detailed manual, and many examples to get you started
>right away.
>Irmen de Jong
and it works :)
Robin Becker

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