CPython internal design question

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Sun Dec 16 06:50:41 CET 2001

> ... one convention that Python uses internally that really annoys the
> devil out of me is defining functions like this:
> ReturnType
> MyFunction ( ... );
> Why? Greppying through the file will fail to yield the return
> type of the function.
> BLEACH. I HATE that. :)

I believe all the Python developers do greps (or workalikes) from within
editors that know how to parse grep output, making it easy to jump to the
source of the matching lines.  Then, as Daniel Berlin said, doing an
anchored grep on the function name cuts way down on irrelevant hits.  I
expect this also makes life simpler for etags (and workalikes).  Whatever,
this is Guido's convention and it's always been that way, so you know how
much good it will do to dislike it <wink>.

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