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Boris Borcic borcis at
Sat Dec 29 20:05:58 EST 2001

Conrad Schneiker wrote:
> So my question is: at such a presently entirely hypothetical future
> juncture, is there any practical and desirable middle ground for a common
> single successor language to the current generations of Python and Ruby?

What would be fun is to have library interoperability completed
with interlingual source-to-source conversion from adequately
constrained style... premitting more or less, to use one's language
superficial idioms to mean corresponding idioms in the other

Could even dream this evolve to "truly robust" programming (against
the risk of expertise disappearance);-) dream... we'd have a standard of
coding, requiring two equivalent sources, in different
languages... with components interoperable and inter-substitutable;
the sync being mechanically maintained - the main point, would
be to be able to retort, to the question : "what's the source language
of the code", "there's no piece of code, that has a single source
language, programmers from both communities can take over the code,
in their own language".

I guess what I mean to say, exactly, is that the weakest form
for an analogue to a "middle ground for a single successor language"
might be not a single successor language, but a pair of parallel
subsets of each language that can be automatically translated
source-to-source while preserving a smack of idiomatical expression.


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