NT Service client to Python COM LOCAL_SERVER

Lu Ruguaya luruguaya at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 15:15:36 EST 2001

We are having the following problem.

We wrote a Python COM Server (CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER) and packaged it
with py2exe (call it theserver.exe)

We have written clients in VB, Python and one in VC++ which is also
an NT service.

When any of the VB or Python clients run, only ONE instance of
the theserver.exe runs.

When the VC++ client is run from the Debugger, it uses the running
theserver.exe.  But, when it is installed as a service and run,
then it starts a SECOND copy of theserver.exe (I see 2 in the 
Task Manager).  We tried changing the account under which the
service starts to the same account used in the debugger test
with the same results (second executable started).

Two copies of the theserver.exe is not acceptable for our application
(the server is meant to be a singleton). 

Any ideas?


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