Python Popularity: Questions and Comments

Stephane SOPPERA soppers3 at
Thu Dec 27 20:06:12 EST 2001

Ron Stephens wrote:

> What do you guys think????
> Ron Stephens
> Python City

I'm just raising a question to the ones who know both ruby and python.
I'm new to python since this morning (learned it in only 8hours, that's a
good point for python; I've been looking to the ruby book, which seems to
be a tutorial, that will take me more time to read...).
I don't know ruby.

I've learned python because it can be used as a script language for other
application. Actually it is used as a script language for
Blender3D (, and I need to script this soft.

My question is: can ruby be also used as a scripting language for another
app (not written in ruby)?
If the answer is yes: is it used in any application?


Stephane SOPPERA

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