"Your Retirement Business" [lccrj]

Special Offer dhcassette at excite.com
Sat Dec 1 08:11:08 EST 2001

My name is BJ Bishop..

   Your Time is valuable, so's mine..

   Imagine yourself earning as much money as any Professional, beginning

   You must be Motivated, Positively oriented (nice person too) and
   change your financial picture... Get back to me.. SHOW ME you ARE
Positively Oriented,
   motivated and ready to change your financial picture.

   We will move forward and I will personally mentor and train you one on

   If you have a good Work Ethic in THIS Business, you can "IDLE" through
   with CASH in YOUR Bank account..

   No Selling..

   24 Hours: 800-558-4158

   I Look Forward to Hearing from You.

   BJ Bishop


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