whrandom (was Re: Python 1.5.x vs Python 2.x.x)

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Sat Dec 29 11:12:42 EST 2001

In article <a0kor6$2o7u$2 at news.idiom.com>,
James T. Dennis <jadestar at idiom.com> wrote:
> While that topic has come up: I find whrandom to be an unsightly
> name for accessing a set of functions which is so commonly accessed
> by novice students.  What was wrong with must calling it rand or 
> random?  Is it pure pedantry?

You're not supposed to use whrandom, although unfortunately the docs
have been less clear about this historically than they should have been.
The specific functionality of random is located in whrandom, to provide
an abstraction layer in case some better pseudo-random algorithm comes
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