Python, PyQT and QSpinBox

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at
Sun Dec 2 09:21:34 EST 2001

On Sunday 02 December 2001 08:02 am, Yngve F. Johansen wrote:
> Hello
> I'm rather new to Python, and to GUI programming as well. I've been fooling
> around with the QT toolkit, and find it extremely easy and intuitive to
> work with, short of one thing I can't figure out:
> I use a QSpinBox in my dialog, and it works, kind of. The problem is when I
> enter text rather than use the Up/Down buttons. The text isn't
> updated/converted
> to an integer-value automatically, but if I move the mouse-pointer over the
> widget buttons it gets converted.

Humm... looks like a post for the PyQt mailing list. I am sure they would be 
glad to help you out.

> Is there a way to change this behavior? I've tried to subclass the QSpinBox
> and
> write my own functions, but it didn't help a whole lot.

Rewriting something just because it isn't behaving the way you expected... 
kind of beats the purpose of using a standard set of widgets, huh? Looks like 
the widget should be rewritten not from your program, but from the source 


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