REPOST: ANNOUNCE: ciphon 0.3.5

Suchandra Thapa ssthapa at
Thu Dec 27 17:17:25 EST 2001

    I've completed ciphon 0.3.5.  Ciphon is an utility to provide features
similar to the perl CPAN shell.  It lets you automatically download and
install python modules.

Readline is now optional
Several bugs have been fixed (installation of rpms, errors with missing 
    the installed.xml file)
The configuration is now saved after the first start up if the ~/.ciphonrc
    file is not present
A few other bugs in installing and determining whether a package is current
    have been fixed

Ciphon is available from in /pub/python-packages, 
or from sourceforge (, or
from within ciphon itself.

There are still some problems with rpm installations due to modules
not listing all their files.  However, standard installation should
work and I have received reports of successful installations using 
standard installations.

There is also a mailing list for ciphon available at sourcefoge.  The
signup page is at

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